Apr 02

A Link I Like: 1135 Empire Ln For Sale – Hoover, AL | Trulia

After months of getting ready for this day, our house in Hoover is finally on the market! This is a great house, but we’re ready to live closer to UAB. Share the link with anyone looking for a big ol’ house with a big ol’ fenced-in back yard in a really great school district. Or they can contact Lori Hart at loriohart@realtybirmingham.com

Here’s the link: https://ift.tt/2EeKCYR

Mar 10

A Link I Like: Nerdist

I mostly agree with these rankings. I think Froot Loops is a little too low on the list. I’m not really sure why Boo Berry and Franken Berry are so low but Lucky Charms is #4 (but glad to see Lucky Charms high on the list). Fruity Pebbles is ranked too high, I believe—they are good, but very quickly get too soggy.

Here’s the link: http://nerdi.st/2I76GYx