A Link I Like: Prison Architect Creators Respond To Our Prison Architect Critique

I’m a video gamer. The older I get, it seems the less time I have to really sit down and play video games for an extended period of time–but that’s okay. I understand that there are things more important in life than playing games, but I think video gaming often gets a bad rap from politicians, or newspapers, or even parents.

Just like movies, video games are rated, and I think too often parents allow their kids to play games meant for mature audiences because they assume that all games are made for kids… and they most certainly are not. I’ve seen articles and “hype pieces” on TV asking if violence or adult themes in games are appropriate. I would respond that these things are not any more or less appropriate than violence and adult themes in books or movies, but can you imagine a world where books and movies were not able depict “adult themes” without criticism?

All of that to share this link: These guys are developing a “Prison Architect” game. You might ask… what could possibly be the benefit of “playing” a game about building and managing a prison? Watch the video.

Here’s the link: http://ift.tt/1mEbrpx

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